Being a singer and living out of London: It ain’t so bad.

Last month’s short but thought provoking Daily Mash post, bluntly entitled ‘Moving to London not compulsory’, has spurred me to voice what I’ve been thinking for some time… For a singer, London is the land of milk and honey; with new emerging ensembles and... read more

Two Things EVERY Singer Should Try.

Opera singing is a form of exercise, something that most people (even singers) don’t realise. It is a technique of both the body and the mind which requires not only physical stamina but also a certain mentality and level of concentration. A singer waiting in the... read more

The First One.

A glass of sherry in one hand, a Christmas cracker in the other and an extremely furrowed brow: this is the image I am annually confronted with by friends and relatives who kindly yet rather naively ask the fateful question: “So, what are you going to do after you... read more